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Editorials criticize FBI’s impersonation

The FBI’s recent admission that it fabricated an Associated Press story and impersonated an AP reporter during an investigation of bomb threats in the Seattle area continues to generate criticism of the agency’s actions. Editorials have appeared in USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Arizona Republic, The Denver Post and numerous other publications.
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Committed to covering state news

The Associated Press has reporters in all 50 states and statehouses, a footprint unmatched by any other national news organization. As part of AP’s strong commitment to covering state news, veteran journalist Jim Van Anglen has been promoted to oversee coverage in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, with an emphasis on enterprise, accountability and investigative journalism.
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In photos: wintry weather

Temperatures have fallen to freezing or below at recording stations in all 50 U.S. states, from the highest elevations in the mountains of Hawaii to the snow-paralyzed Buffalo area in New York. See photos of how the pre-winter cold front has affected many parts of the country.
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