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New appointments in Cairo and Kabul

AP recently named 
for the Middle East. O'Donnell is a foreign correspondent who has covered major stories throughout the Middle East and Asia for two decades. Alleruzzo is a photographer who has covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during a 12-year stint in the region.

AP's new political reporting lineup

In a note to AP staff, U.S. Political Editor David Scott announced AP's new political reporting lineup, a team poised to cover the upcoming presidential election.
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AP interviews Iraq's new prime minister

AP is the first foreign media organization to interview Haider al-Abadi, who was officially named Iraq’s prime minister on Sept. 8. In the all-formats interview conducted in Baghdad, the prime minister "strongly rejected the idea of the U.S. or other nations sending ground forces to his country to help fight the Islamic State group."
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Get AP Mobile


AP has released a new version of AP Mobile, its award-winning news app, to offer full support for Apple’s new operating system, iOS 8, and the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In this Q&A, Michael Boord, director of mobile products, explains how AP is staying ahead in the mobile space.

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