Staff Biographies

Adam Yeomans, Chief of Bureau

Adam joined the AP staff in Tallahassee, Florida in 1993. From 1996-2004 He served as news editor and assistant chief of bureau for the Miami bureau. At present, Adam is responsible for AP news and marketing operations in Tennessee, Kentucky, and, most recently, Mississippi.

Teresa Wasson, News Editor

Joined AP in 2000 in Nashville. 2008 named News Editor. Responsible for AP news in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Janet Cappiello, Administrative Correspondent

Joined AP in 1985 in Louisville.  Moved to New York headquarters in 1989.  Became Stamford, Comm., correspondent in 1990.  She later worked as a freelancer for several national magazines and websites.  Returned to AP in 2008, named administrative correspondent in 2010.

Delila Vassar, Administrative Assistant

Joined AP in 1998 in Nashville as assistant to the bureau chief. Handles all facets of bureau operations and is state election coordinator.


Rebecca Yonker, Breaking News Supervisor

Joined AP in 2003 in Louisville. Assigns, coordinates, edits daily coverage, and compiles digests.

Randall Dickerson, Early Breaking News Supervisor

Joined AP in 1989 in Nashville. Responsible for state broadcast news report.

Elizabeth Campbell, Breaking News Supervisor

Joined AP in 1985 as vacation relief in Louisville; returned in 1987. Responsible for nightly news operations.

Dylan Lovan, Newsperson

Joined AP in 2000. Responsible for day and evening supervisory shifts, broadcast desk and general assignments.

Brett Barrouquere, Newsperson

Joined AP in 2004 in Louisville. Covers general assignments.

Bruce Schreiner, Newsperson

Joined AP in 1983 in Kansas City as summer relief staffer; Lincoln, Neb. 1983-1987; Columbus, OH 1987-1988; 1989 Louisville. Covers general assignments.

Gary Graves, Newsperson

Joined AP in August 2012 as sports writers based in Lexington.  Covers the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, the Kentucky Derby and other Kentucky sports.

Roger Alford, Correspondent - Frankfort

Joined AP in 2000 in Pikeville, KY; 2005 Frankfort. Responsible for Legislative coverage.

Ben Finley,, Newsperson - Frankfort

Joined AP in 2013 in Frankfort, KY; Responsible for Legislative coverage.


Ron Williams, Technology Manager, Atlanta

Ron has been with the AP for over 30 years. Based in Atlanta, he covers Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Roger Adams, Technician-Nashville

Joined AP in 1982 in Boston; 1992-2006 Rhode Island; 2006 Nashville. Installs and maintains equipment for Tennessee and Kentucky.


Chris Weis, Radio Division I

Joined AP in 2007. Regional radio executive responsible for the Midwest region.

Vance Koretos, Regional Radio Executive, Midwest Div II

Joined AP in 1981 in August of 2007. Covers the Midwest small market stations for Division II.

Bob Young, Regional TV Executive

Joined AP in 1986 in Florida as Broadcast Executive. Covers AP sales in the Southeast.


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