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Pay here for extra copies of NYSAPA or NYSAPBA awards

If you received an award at an AP New York banquet and want extra copies for individuals named, we will email you a PDF of the certificate for free, and you can frame it yourself. Send your request with details to marketing assistant Emilia Poor.

If you want us to mail printed certificates, they cost $2 each. Certificates in the black cardboard frames used for second- or third-place newspaper awards and for broadcast special mentions cost $8 each. Certificates in the walnut plaques used for first-place winners cost $20 each.

Shipping and handling is an additional $8 per type of product, not per item. For example, you would pay $16 shipping and handling if you ordered one printed certificate and one framed certificate, or if you ordered 10 certificates in black frames and six in wood frames.

Provide the required information below and click the Add to Cart button to initiate payment for one or more duplicate copies of awards certificates. Use the "update" button on the next screen to show how many items of each product you want. If you want wood-framed certificates from several categories, group them into one line-item in your order to avoid paying extra shipping charges.

IMPORTANT: After your purchase is complete, use the confirmation page to fill in the name and address to which we should ship the awards, and the phone number in case of questions. If your newspaper or station has won multiple awards, specify which entry you are ordering a certificate for.

All fees will be received via PayPal by the Associated Press Associations. You do not need a PayPal account to use this form -- PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

Direct any questions to bureau chief Howard Goldberg.

Duplicate AP Awards Certificates
Enter newspaper/station name
Enter award year/category

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