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Associated Press Broadcasters 2013 -Winners

Radio Feature Story 


Shawn Anfinson, MTSU - First Place

My Homeland: A Guide to Tennessee Songs

Kelli Volk, TSU - Second Place

False Alarm

TV Feature Story

Steven Panganiban,TSU- First Place

Homecoming 100

Katie Myers, MTSU - Second Place

Underwater Treadmill

Radio Sports Story

Mark Hall, UT-Martin - First Place

One on One

MaryLynn Williams, UT-Martin - Second Place

Pat Head Summitt

TV Sports Story

Brian Bass,UT-Chattanooga - First Place

International UTC Tennis Team

Katie Myers, MTSU - Second Place

Blue Raider Football

Radio Public Affairs 


Kellie Volk, TSU - First Place

The Fear of Public Speaking

Tiffany Logan,UT-Martin - Second Place

SGA Roundup

TV Public Affairs

Kelsey Lebechuck, Russ Johnson,MTSU- First Place

TAPB Coverage

Staff,Vanderbilt - Second Place

Points of VU

Radio News Story

Shawn Anfinson, MTSU - First Place

Meningitis: Nearly a Third of Tennessee Adolescents Not Vaccinated

Quinn Panganiban,TSU - Second Place

TSU Shooting

TV News Story

Sarah Ruf, Southern Adventist University - First Place

Students Attend National Invisible Children rally in D. C.

Steven Panganiban, TSU - Second Place

TSU Shooting

Radio Newscast

Kelli Volk,TSU - First Place

October Newscast

Michael Fox, Liz Komoromi, Lipscomb - Second Place

Lumination Radio

TV Newscast

Chelsea Jensen Koerten, Brooke Fraser, Kristyn Royster, UT-Knoxville - First Place

UT Today

Emily Lynes, Tim  Willumson and Linski Cherisol,Southern Adventist University - Second Place

SAU News


Light Feature

Jewly Hight,WPLN - First Place

One Songwriter, Generations of Hits

Shawn Anfinson, WMOT - Second Place

My Homeland: A Guide to Tennessee Songs

Christine Jessel, WUOT - Honorable Mention

Bullying in Maryville Schools

Hard News Story

Blake Farmer,WPLN - First Place

Mosque Revisited

Matt Shafer Powell,WUOT - Second Place

Mother and Child - Carla

Blake Farmer,WPLN - Honorable Mention

Anti-Sharia Activists Influencing Tennessee GOP

Public Affairs

Staff, WUOT - First Place

Dialogue 2012

Joe White, Blake Farmer,WPLN- Second Place

Haslam Aims to Sell, Inspire in State of the State

Chrissy Keuper,WUOT - Honorable Mention

Knoxville News Sentinel, Commercial Appeal, Politifact Tennessee

Political Coverage

Staff,WPLN - First Place

Tennessee Civil Service Rules Overhauled



Matt Shafer Powell, Leslie Snow,WUOT - First Place

Without A Net: Voice of Working Poor

Nina Cardona,WPLN - Second Place

Civil War Sesquicentennial: Nashville's Occupations

Mike Osborne,WMOT - Honorable Mention



Chrissy Keuper,WUOT - First Place

Mulch Fire Results in Fish Kill

Brandon Hollingsworth,WUOT - Second Place

Alberto Gonzales


Nina Cardona,WPLN - First Place

Art Provides Income for Autistic Teen

Matt Shafer Powell,WUOT - Second Place

Mother and Child - Tammi

Blake Farmer,WPLN - Honorable Mention

Foodscaping Takes Root

Use of Sound

Blake Farmer,WPLN - First Place

Tradition Trumps Bans for Fireworks Fanatics

Blake Farmer,WPLN - Second Place

Vanderbilt Fans Hope Bowls Become Old Hat

Matt Shafer Powell,WUOT - Honorable Mention

Black Pearl Sings

Radio Newscaster

Nina Cardona, WPLN - First Place

Staff, WPLN - Second Place

Tennessee Civil Service Rules Overhauled

Brandon Hollingsworth, WUOT - Honorable Mention


Radio Newscast

Staff, WPLN - First Place

Staff, WPLN - Second Place


Staff, WPLN - First Place

Staff, WUOT - Second Place


Short Light Feature

Jim Conrad,WCYB-TV - First Place

Pointer Brand Jeans Reaches a Milestone

Dave McAvoy,WJHL-TV - Second Place

Officers Lost Dog

Jim Conrad,WCYB-TV - Honorable Mention

High Dollar Hobby

Short Hard News Story

Natalie Potts,WBBJ-TV - First Place

Murder Victim's Family Clashes with Neighbors

Callie Starnes, Kevin Smith,WRCB-TV - Second Place

Baby in the Bathroom

Megan Gorey, Tim Davis,WCYB-TV - Honorable Mention

Loud Praise-Noise Violation

Long Light News Story

Meredith Machen, Tim Davis,WCYB-TV - First Place

Santa Train Returns

Tarah Taylor, Lee Owens,WCYB-TV - Second Place

Mountain Dew's Origin-Soda Bottle

Long Hard News Story

Melissa Hipolit, WJHL-TV- First Place

Faces of Coal

Sports Feature

Jordan Conigliaro, WCYB-TV - First Place

An Amazing Kicking Coach

Paul Johnson,WCYB-TV - Second Place

NASCAR Motorcycle Ride

Greg Hammond,WBBJ-TV - Honorable Mention

Champions of Character Hunter Smith

Breaking Sports News

Jordan Conigliaro, Paul Johnson, WCYB-TV- First Place

Bristol Track Changes Lives

Sports Talk Show

Staff ,WJHL-TV - First Place

Touchdown Friday Night

Keith Cawley, Paul Shahen,Staff, WRCB-TV - Second Place

Friday Night Football




Paul Shahen, WRCB-TV- First Place

Kasey Marler, WJHL-TV - Second Place


Jordan Conigliaro,WCYB-TV - First Place

Kicking Coach Dan Blevins

Phillip Murrell,WJHL-TV - Second Place


Spot News

Staff,WJHL-TV - First Place

Washington County School Bus Accident

Derrall Stalvey, Staff, WRCB-TV - Second Place

March 2nd Tornadoes

Ken Smith, Terry Radnoczi, Joey Barker,WCYB-TV - Honorable Mention

School Bus Crash

Public Affairs

Staff,WRCB-TV - First Place

Bully Battle:  A Town Hall Meeting



Keli McAlister, Casey Palmer, Gil Hollingsworth, WBBJ-TV - First Place

Jackson Under Fine

Ken Smith, WCYB-TV - Second Place

Sex Offender Living in Parking Lot


Investigative Reporting

Gordon Boyd, Ramsay Fulbright, WRCB-TV - First Place

3 On Your Side: Jail Snacks

Ken Smith,Staff, WCYB-TV - Second Place

Sex Offender Living in Walmark Parking Lot

Nate Morabito,WJHL-TV - Honorable Mention

Bad Bob's BBQ


Tracey Trumbull, Ken Nicholson, Staff, WRCB-TV - First Place



Ken Smith, Joey Barker, Staff,WCYB-TV - First Place

School Bus Crash

Shira Evans, Yasmeen Elayan, WJHL-TV - Second Place

Tornadoes of 2011

Ken Smith, Joey Barker,WCYB-TV - Honorable Mention

Path of Destruction, Road to Recovery


Matt Barbour,WRCB-TV - First Place

Kylie McGivern, WJHL-TV - Second Place

Preston Ayres, WCYB-TV - Honorable Mention

News Videographer

Ramsay Fulbright, WRCB-TV - First Place

Weather Anchor

Paul Barys, WRCB-TV - First Place

Dave Dierks, WCYB-TV - Second Place

News Anchor

Josh Smith, WJHL-TV - First Place

Joe Legge, WDEF-TV - Second Place


Staff, WJHL-TV- First Place

Sarah Anne Rook, WRCB-TV - Second Place

Ken Smith, Joey Barker, Staff, WCYB-TV - Honorable Mention


Derrall Stalvey, Staff, WRCB-TV - First Place

Staff, WJHL-TV - Second Place

Ken Smith, Staff, WCYB-TV- Honorable Mention


Light Feature 


Terry Likes, TN Radio Network - First Place

Musical Memories: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Charles Choate,KYTN - Second Place

Shearing for Sheriff

Tonya Powers, WREC - Honorable Mention

Chip Esten of Nashville

Hard News Story

Charles Choate,KYTN - First Place

Hickman Mayor Murdered

Duane Nelson,WTFM - Second Place

KPT Police Chief Probe

Chris Stockdale,WCMT - Honorable Mention

Two Local Men Charged in Connection with Torture and Killing of Puppy

Sports Feature

Terry Likes,TN Radio Network - First Place

Headache to Heartache

Chris Stockdale,WCMT - Second Place

Local Sports Broadcaster Retires

Terry Likes,TN Radio Network- Honorable Mention

On-Air or on Life Support

Breaking News

Tonya Powers, WREC - First Place

Richard Lovette,WJCW - Second Place

Dry Creek Flooding

Duane Nelson,WTFM- Honorable Mention

Hawk Arrested


Charles Choate,KYTN- First Place

Drug Court Saving Lives

Charles Choate,KYTN - Second Place

Hickman Mayor Murdered

Spot News

Charles Choate, KYTN - First Place

Hickman Mayor Murdered

Richard Lovette, WJCW - Second Place

School Bus Crash

Use of Sound

Duane Nelson, WTFM - First Place

Flooding Problems

Terry Likes, TN Radio Network - Second Place

Musical Memories: The Soundtrack to Your Life

Chris Stockdale,WCMT - Honorable Mention

Rally at Congressman Fincher's Office

Radio Newscaster

Charles Choate, KYTN - First Place


Radio Newscast

Duane Nelson, WTFM - First Place

Charles Choate, KYTN - Second Place

Tonya Powers, WREC - Honorable Mention


Short Light Feature

Angelica Dones,Heather Graf,WTVF-TV - First Place

Joel The Goose

Chris Conte, Mike Rose,WTVF-TV - Second Place

365 Days

Erin Holt, Beau Fleenor, WKRN-TV - Honorable Mention

You're Never Too Old to Learn to Read

Long Light Feature

Erika Kurre, Ian Bailey,WZTV-TV - First Place

Burning Desire

Chris Conte, Mike Rose, WTVF-TV - Second Place

The Hero Project

Forrest Sanders, WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention

The Ghost of the Petticoat Spy

Short Hard News Story

Jeremy Finley, Jason Finley, Brittany Freeman, WSMV-TV - First Place

The $12,000 Paper

Chris Conte, Nathan Thompson,WTVF-TV - Second Place

Just What Church Street Needed

Josh DeVine, Sarah Clausen, WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention

The Witherspoon Wives


Long Hard News Story

Dennis Ferrier, Jarod Rogers,WSMV-TV - First Place

Kindness Betrayed

Jeremy Finley, Jason Finley,WSMV-TV - Second Place

Presidential Candidate Targeted

Demetria Kalodimos, Jim Garbee,WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention

Meet Jeffrey Womack

Sports Feature

Erika Kurre, Ian Bailey,WZTV-TV - First Place

Burning Desire

Kris Budden,WBIR-TV - Second Place

Pat Summitt: A Look Back at a Legend

Janet Kim, Max Cushing,WTVF-TV - Honorable Mention

Coach Drummy

Breaking Sports News

Chris Bundgaard, Dawn Davenport, Erin Holt, WKRN-TV - First Place

Manning Madness

Paul Jones, Dave Foster, Dan Phillips,WZTV-TV - Second Place

Peyton Chooses Denver


Sports Talk Show

Rudy Kalis, Chris Harris, Craig Minor, WSMV-TV - First Place

Inside Sports Sunday

Dawn Davenport, Cory Curtis, Cal Baxter, WKRN-TV - Second Place

Titans on 2 

Dawn Davenport, Cory Curtis, Cal Baxter, WKRN-TV - Honorable Mention

Drive to the Draft


Dawn Davenport, WKRN-TV - First Place

Chris Harris, WSMV-TV - Second Place

Fallon Smith, WATE-TV - Honorable Mention


Photo Staff, WTVF-TV - First Place

Behind the Lens

Ian Bailey,WZTV-TV - Second Place

Burning Desire

Staff, WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention

Spot News

Staff,WSMV-TV - First Place

Explosion at the Opryland Hotel

John Treanor, Pat Middendorf, WVLT-TV - Second Place

Tellico Plains Tornado

Janet Kim, Max Cushing, WTVF-TV - Honorable Mention

Up In Smoke

Public Affairs

4Warn Weather Team, WSMV-TV- First Place

The 4Warn Advantage

Chris Kyle, Erin Donovan, WBIR-TV - Second Place

Live A Little

Jeff Davidson, Anne Holt, WKRN-TV - Honorable Mention

Tennessee's Black Heritage


Ben Hall, Iain Montgomery, WTVF-TV - First Place

Pain Clinic Investigation

Channel 4 I-Team,WSMV-TV - Second Place

On the Trail of a Squatter

Demetria Kalodimos, Jim Garbee, WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention

The Case Against Jeffrey Womack

Investigative Reporting

Channel 4 I-Team, WSMV-TV - First Place

Under the State's Watch

Kimberly Curth, Jeremy Finley, Brittany Freeman, WSMV-TV - Second Place

A Failure to Protect

Phil Williams, Bryan Staples, Kevin Wisniewski, WTVF-TV - Honorable Mention



Heather Pelat, DeAnn Currey,WKRN-TV- First Place


Chuck Morris, Scott Sutton, Keving Young, WSMV-TV - Second Place


Tonja Burk, Alex Goff, Elise Stephens, WBIR-TV - Honorable Mention



Iann Bailey,WZTV-TV - First Place

Burning Desire

Forrest Sanders, WSMV-TV - Second Place

Ray Arzate, WKRN-TV - Honorable Mention


Brittany Freeman,WSMV-TV - First Place

Special Projects

Weather Anchor

Lisa Patton, WKRN-TV - First Place

Todd Howell, WBIR-TV - Second Place

Lisa Spencer, WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention


Jeremy Finley, WSMV-TV -First Place

Chris Conte, WTVF-TV - Second Place

Janet Kim, WTVF-TV - Honorable Mention

News Videographer

Forrest Sanders , WSMV-TV - First Place

Ray Arzate, WKRN-TV - Second Place

News Anchor

Holly Thompson, WSMV-TV - First Place

John Becker, WBIR-TV - Second Place

Ian Reitz, WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention


David Ditmore, Sarah Shiverdecker, David Seals,WZTV-TV - First Place

Brentwood Apartment Fire

Mary Katherine Rooker, Staff, WSMV-TV - Second Place

News at 6

News Today Staff, WSMV-TV - Honorable Mention

Channel 4 News Today


Sandy Boonstra, Michelle Bonnett, WTVF-TV - First Place

Matthew Hilk, Ryan Hawes, WSMV-TV - Second Place

Staff, WBIR-TV - Third Place

1st Place:  WBIR-TV - Hillary Lake, Michelle Flandreau, Tourism Turmoil
1st Place:  The Tennessean - Staff, 31 Tennessee Kids Died in First 
Hon Men:  The Jackson Sun - Tracie Simer, Lauren Foreman, Deputies Suspended in probe
Hon Men:  Elizabethton Star - Max Hrenda, Brian Reese, Carter Commission Pay Trails Most Area Counties
Hon Men:  WSMV-TV - Jeremy Finley, Kimberly Curth, Brittany Freeman, Under the State's Watch
Hon Men:  Knoxville News Sentinel - News Sentinel Staff, The Mayor's Money