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A new tailored solution:  Member Choice Plus


The AP is now offering a mid-level newspaper service, Member Choice Plus, giving you more flexibility to create a custom news package tailored to the specific needs of your local market. Member Choice Plus will include about 140 of each day’s most important stories; your home state wire; and your choice of a second state wire. For an extra fee, you’ll also have the option to expand your coverage even further with nine additional supplemental services, including sports, national, international, business, entertainment and more. Contact Adam Yeomans, ayeomans@ap.org, for details and rates.





Holiday Special package now available

From teen gifts and holiday home decor to holiday cards and how Christmas traditions are being adapted for Hanukkah, the Special Edition lifestyles holiday package is available now in AP Exchange.

Special Editions packages are part of the AP Lifestyles report and provide content each month on timely topics attractive to readers and advertisers.

This month’s Holidays Special Edition package includes photos and stories like these:

  • HOLIDAYS-TEEN GIFT GUIDE: They are finicky and fickle, and may be updating their wish lists as often as their Instagram accounts. Do you have any idea what to buy the teenagers on your holiday shopping list this year? From electronics to gift cards to clothing, a look at what’s new for those hard-to-shop-for big kids.
  • HOLIDAYS-HANUKKAH WANNABE CHRISTMAS: Christmas has Elf on the Shelf. Now Hanukkah has Mensch on a Bench — and Maccabee on the Mantel. Christmas has gingerbread houses; Manischewitz sells Chanukah House kits, and there are Hanukkah wreaths, wreaths, stockings and greeting cards. Some say “Oy vey!” to all this kitschy retooling of Christmas stuff for Jewish consumers. But others ask, “Why not?”
  • HOLIDAYS-SHARING MUSIC: Technology has made it easy to connect with friends via music. A look at some creative ways to share your favorite music.
  • HOLIDAYS-DECOR TRENDS: For those who love to decorate, there’s no time like the holidays for adding some fun, festive touches to our living spaces.
  • HOLIDAYS-CARDS-OVERSHARING: For many people, the rules for posting personal news on social media like Facebook are simple: Put a Good Face on Everything. But some people use holiday cards to share news about marital or health problems. Refreshing honesty or too much information?

You can find the Special Edition packages and digest by entering “slug=SPE” in the search box in AP Exchange.

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The 2015 Lifestyles Special Editions' packages schedule

Special Editions packages are part of the AP Lifestyles report and provide content each month on timely topics attractive to readers and advertisers.

To help in your advertising campaigns and plans for next year, here is the 2015 lineup for AP Lifestyles’ monthly Special Editions for the topics that will be the focus of packages throughout the year.

The 2015 AP Lifestyles Special Editions calender:

January (TBD) – Taxes
Feb. 3 – Summer Camps
March 3 – Spring Homes
April 7 – Outdoors
May 5 – Weddings
June 2 – Pets
July 7 – Back to School
Aug 4 – Fall Homes
Sept 8 – Cars
Oct. 6 – Weddings
Nov. 3- Holidays
Dec. 1 – Baby Boomers

You can find the Special Edition packages and digest by entering “slug=SPE” in the search box in AP Exchange.

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    AP CEO demands answers from DOJ and FBI


Pruitt demanded answers from Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey. In a letter addressed to both men, Pruitt likened the FBI's impersonation during a 2007 investigation to identity theft and said the move seriously threatens the organization's ability to gather news.  "In stealing our identity, the FBI tarnishes [AP's] reputation, belittles the value of the free press rights enshrined in our Constitution and endangers AP journalists and other newsgatherers around the world," Pruitt wrote.  "This deception corrodes the most fundamental tenet of a free press - our independence from government control and corollary responsibility to hold government accountable."  Pruitt added that the 2007 violation is another case of government overreach, as was the Justice Department's secret seizure of AP phone records, which came to light last year.


Read the AP news story.

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Twitter Chat With AP Style Editors: Holidays Dec. 2, Parenting Jan. 6

Chat with AP Stylebook editors in the upcoming Twitter chats.  The final chat in 2014 will be on Dec. 2 at 2:30 p.m. EST with Julie Rubin discussing holiday terms.

Here’s a look at the topics for the beginning of 2015:

  • Jan. 6, 2:30 p.m. EST, Leanne Italie, parenting
  • Feb. 10, 2:30p EST, with Ask the Editor’s Dave Minthorn
  • March 3, 2:30 p.m., Eric Carvin, social media

Got a question? Join the conversation. Go to #APStyleChat  Find out more about AP Stylebook products  here.

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Enter National APME Contest, Deadline Feb. 27

The deadline for the 2014 APME Journalism Excellence Awards is Friday, Feb. 27.

The awards honor superior journalism and innovation among newspapers, radio, television and digital news sites in the United States and Canada. They seek to promote excellence by recognizing work that is innovative, well-written and incisively reported and has outstanding multimedia.

A special award honors innovation by colleges and universities, and a new category recognizes news organizations that build strong ties to their communities.

Find out more here.


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AP, News Groups Seek Lethal Injection Information

Several news organizations, including The Associated Press, have filed a lawsuit against Arizona that says the public has a First Amendment right to information about its execution protocols.

The suit stems from the July 23 execution of Joseph Rudolph Wood that lasted nearly two hours and required 15 doses of the sedative midazolam and a painkiller. Wood, convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her father, took deep gasps for more than 90 minutes before he died.

The news organizations filing the lawsuit include AP, the Arizona Republic, the Arizona Daily Star, Phoenix TV stations KPNX and KPHO, and Guardian News and Media.

Wood’s defense attorney, Dale Baich, called it a botched execution, a claim Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan adamantly denies. Baich has also filed a lawsuit on behalf of Wood and other death row inmates seeking details about execution protocols and citing the First Amendment.

“No proper basis exists for (the Department of Corrections) to abridge the public’s constitutional right of access to this information and to the execution,” the AP lawsuit states.

Read more here.

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Fabiano to lead local broadcast markets for AP


Michael Fabiano, an accomplished digital business executive, will lead local radio and television media sales teams across the United States as director of local broadcast markets.


Most recently, Fabiano launched Locate Real Estate, a consumer destination website, where he built an industry-leading digital platform and developed strategies to drive traffic and improve customer satisfaction.


Read the full story.

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AP Microsites: Winning coverage of football at no additional cost!

AP’s popular Digital News Experiences can help you build online traffic around pro and college football – and generate new advertising revenue. We have customizable house ads available to help you promote the multimedia microsites; contact me for more information. Click here to learn more about the DNE program.

                                             2014 Lineup

Auto racing
Sep 14, 2014 - Nov 16, 2014
Pro32: Head to Head
Aug 01, 2014 - Feb 28, 2015
College Football
Aug 15, 2014 - Jan 31, 2015
NCAA Men's Basketball
Oct 15, 2014 - Apr 15, 2015
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AP adds live blog to NFL Sunday lineup


The AP is adding a live blog on NFL Sundays to its lineup of professional football coverage. The blog gives readers a true second-screen experience and help drive traffic to AP members via our “Pro32: Head to Head Digital News Experience”, an embeddable package of web-exclusive coverage produced by AP’s sports staff and NFL photography. Learn more about the NFL live blog.

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8 ways the Obama administration is blocking information


The fight for access to public information has never been harder, Associated Press Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee said recently at a joint meeting of the American Society of News Editors, the Associated Press Media Editors and the Associated Press Photo Managers.  The problem extends across the entire federal government and is now trickling down to state and local governments. To read more, please click here.

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AP expands lineup of weekly celebrity cooking columns


The Associated Press is introducing an expanded lineup of weekly cooking columns and food experts. Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian joins AP's team of kitchen authorities, taking over "The Healthy Plate," a weekly column aimed at helping home cooks discover the healthier side of everyday ingredients. Sara Moulton is launching "KitchenWise," a weekly column that will use delicious recipes to teach basic skills every home cook will want to master. Read more details in the Definitive Source blog.

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AP Stylebook, Webster's New World now online


Webster's New World College Dictionary has been AP Stylebook's first reference for spelling, style, usage and foreign geographic names for decades. Now AP is collaborating with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to include the content of Webster's New World College Dictionary in a new subscription service: AP Stylebook & Webster's New World Online. Read more about that and other AP Stylebook products, offered at a discount to AP members: apstylebook.com/

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  gotcha   AP Revenue Ideas Toolkit offers innovative ways to monetize content

One newspaper produces an agriculture-themed niche pagethat boosts online traffic by 20 percent. Another publishes a weekly package of crime news that’s so popular it’s generating annual revenue running into six figures.

Those and other experiences are detailed in a new Revenue Ideas Toolkit designed to help you make the most of your AP services. Browse through timely ideas other editors and publishers have come up with to engage readers and advertisers using AP text, photos, video, financial data and more.

You can access the toolkit here. If you’ve got an example you’d like to share, please contact me at ayeomans@ap.org .


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