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A new tailored solution:  Member Choice Plus


The Associated Press is now offering a mid-level newspaper service, Member Choice Plus, giving you more flexibility to create a custom news package tailored to the specific needs of your local market. Member Choice Plus will include about 140 of each day’s most important stories; your home state wire; and your choice of a second state wire. For an extra fee, you’ll also have the option to expand your coverage even further with nine additional supplemental services, including sports, national, international, business, entertainment and more. Contact me with questions.




AP expands lineup of weekly celebrity cooking columns


The Associated Press is introducing an expanded lineup of weekly cooking columns and food experts. Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian joins AP's team of kitchen authorities, taking over "The Healthy Plate," a weekly column aimed at helping home cooks discover the healthier side of everyday ingredients. Sara Moulton is launching "KitchenWise," a weekly column that will use delicious recipes to teach basic skills every home cook will want to master. Read more details in the Definitive Source blog.

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AP adds live blog to NFL Sunday lineup


The Associated Press is adding a live blog on NFL Sundays to its lineup of professional football coverage. The blog gives readers a true second-screen experience and help drive traffic to AP members via our “Pro32: Head to Head Digital News Experience”, an embeddable package of web-exclusive coverage produced by AP’s sports staff and NFL photography. Learn more about the NFL live blog.


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AP rolling out new baseball story format


Starting July 28, AP will introduce a new baseball game story format we tested throughout Spring Training and is designed to better engage readers in print, digital and mobile. The basics won’t change: We’ll still offer NewsNows, a quick writethru, an optional, and a hometown lead. The difference: Stories will start with 300 words, then break into a “chunky-text” presentation featuring up to five bullet points explaining team story lines, key plays, injuries and a lookahead to what’s next for a team or player. Contact me with any questions or comments.

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AP to implement automated business earnings reports


The Associated Press will produce some earnings reports using new automated technology that will let journalists focus more on beat reporting and source development. The technology will increase tenfold the volume of earnings reports for customers, while freeing up journalists for more important work. Read a Q&A on the change from Lou Ferrara, managing editor for AP business news, via our Definitive Source blog here.

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AP names Lisa Gibbs as new global business editor


Lisa Gibbs, a former executive business editor at the Miami Herald and an award-winning senior writer at Money, has been appointed AP’s business editor. Gibbs will oversee more than 65 business reporters and editors worldwide. She will be based in New York and start the job in late August. See more details here.


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AP Microsites: Winning coverage of auto racing and football at no additional cost!

AP’s popular Digital News Experiences can help you build online traffic around pro and college football – and generate new advertising revenue. We have customizable house ads available to help you promote the multimedia microsites; contact me for more information. Click here to learn more about the DNE program.

                                             2014 Lineup

Auto racing
Sep 14, 2014 - Nov 16, 2014
Pro32: Head to Head
Aug 01, 2014 - Feb 28, 2015
College Football
Aug 15, 2014 - Jan 31, 2015
NCAA Men's Basketball
Oct 15, 2014 - Apr 15, 2015


  lifestyles   Build sales, readership with AP Lifestyles & Special Editions content

AP Lifestyles covers a wide range of subjects that people care about in their daily lives, such as food, family, fashion, travel and homes and gardening, offering about 40 stories and 100 photos weekly. The consumer-friendly approach appeals to readers and advertisers for your daily newspaper, as well as for websites, special sections and niche publications. You will receive a digest each Monday.

You would also receive monthly “Special Edition” packages of five or more stories and photographs that center around a timely theme such as Back to School, Weddings, Holidays and Green Living.

Click here for a printable Lifestyles/Special editions calendar

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Next DefinitiveSource webcast: How AP calls elections

AP’s recent DefinitiveSource webcast featured a discussion on the state of the races in 2014 and how AP counts the vote and calls races on election night. This webcast offers members an introduction to the election season and an overview of the services and editorial coverage that the AP makes available. View the webcast here.  


Contact Adam Yeomans, ayeomans@ap.org, for details and rates. 

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  AP Mobile  

More praise for AP Mobile; redesign released for Android


The Associated Press has released a major redesign to the Android version of AP Mobile, our acclaimed news app, complete with new features and design elements. Find out more here. PBS’ Mediashift website calls the award-winning app “a necessity for the serious news consumer.”  Read more here.

AP Mobile now more prominently displays member journalism; download it for free at

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AP Stylebook, Webster's New World now online


Webster's New World College Dictionary has been AP Stylebook's first reference for spelling, style, usage and foreign geographic names for decades. Now AP is collaborating with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to include the content of Webster's New World College Dictionary in a new subscription service: AP Stylebook & Webster's New World Online. Read more about that and other AP Stylebook products, offered at a discount to AP members: apstylebook.com/

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  CEO Pruitt  

AP CEO outlines strategy to meet changing market needs

The Associated Press is moving nimbly to adapt to rapid change in the global market for news, says Gary Pruitt, AP’s president and CEO. Find out what Pruitt told the News Agencies World Congress in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, about AP’s strategies to meet members’ changing needs as public appetites shift and new technologies emerge.
Read more here
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  gotcha   AP Revenue Ideas Toolkit offers innovative ways to monetize content

One newspaper produces an agriculture-themed niche pagethat boosts online traffic by 20 percent. Another publishes a weekly package of crime news that’s so popular it’s generating annual revenue running into six figures.

Those and other experiences are detailed in a new Revenue Ideas Toolkit designed to help you make the most of your AP services. Browse through timely ideas other editors and publishers have come up with to engage readers and advertisers using AP text, photos, video, financial data and more.

You can access the toolkit here. If you’ve got an example you’d like to share, please contact me at ayeomans@ap.org .

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