Catching Murphy
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Catching Murphy

Wilson Ring
Published Feb. 14, 2019

A lost dog. Not a lost cause.

For more than a year, over two brutal Northeast winters, the whole of Vermont was captivated by the hunt for a runaway golden retriever named Murphy. He was more than a missing dog — he was a target for capture, and journalistic obsession.

Murphy’s disappearance would unite the dog’s increasingly anxious owners with an impassioned reporter — Wilson Ring, the state’s correspondent for The Associated Press — and an online community of animal lovers. As Murphy kept running, the quest to bring him home, safe and sound, seemed more and more impossible. The search itself takes on an aspect of devotion, as the searchers display genuine resilience and ingenuity — human qualities of an increasingly rare breed.

This paperback edition includes the following bonus materials: New foreword, afterword, a “Catching Murphy” reunion, photo gallery and more!

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