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Your source for World Cup 2022 coverage

Engage and excite your audiences with unrivaled coverage of one of the world's most-watched sporting events.

With an expected audience exceeding 3 billion - our reporters, photographers and video crews will capture all the action and breaking news as it happens, both on and off the field.

AP is uniquely positioned with journalists based in all 32 countries with teams in the World Cup, so we will also provide unmatched fan reaction from home, wherever home may be.

Access unrivaled multimedia content from this year's tournament

We offer robust soccer coverage all year-round, and our expert reporters, photographers and video crews will be on the ground to cover all the action and breaking news for your channels and platforms.

Video for every platform

Put your audience in the heart of the action with video previews of the venue and profiles of key players — perfect for sharing across social platforms. We’ll also provide access to ongoing video from our partners at sntv, including team arrivals and departures, previews of all matches, breaking news, news conferences and fan reactions from around the world.

Archive video and images

Take a look back at previous World Cup tournaments with compelling moments, special packages and historical collections from our extensive video and photo archives.

Bring your audiences beyond the goals

AP’s expert text journalists will cover every angle of the tournament.

Breaking news

and stories surrounding the events of the tournament, including the general scene, fan zone and all news conferences.


of all 32 teams and key players to watch from around the world.


of each match with an eye on what’s at stake, top storylines and betting odds.


of every match, as well as coverage of every practice and media availability.


on the religious, cultural, political, economic and environmental dynamics of the host country.

Unparalleled live positions throughout Qatar

Book broadcast positions in key locations for both rights and non-rights holders for the World Cup and benefit from on-the-ground sports journalists for custom reports and AP's expertise as we provide exclusive live positions in Qatar.

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