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Coverage Plan

Introducing AP’s real-time planning tool

Access multimedia breaking news, on-the-day and forward planning from Coverage Plan on AP Newsroom and AP Video Hub

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How to access Coverage Plan

If you already have an AP Newsroom or AP Video Hub account, log in to access Coverage Plan, or complete the contact us form to set up an account.

Coverage Plan

Coverage Plan offers a real-time view of AP’s planning information across all formats (text, photo, video, live video, graphics, audio, interactives, and social media) giving you the insight you need to better plan and manage your news agenda. 

Features and functionality

Features include:
 Follow the stories you are interested in via ‘My Agenda’, and receive coverage updates as the story develops (1)

Share coverage insights: Share stories with your colleagues ensuring everyone within your organisation is updated on the latest coverage updates (2)

Search and filter:
 Discover the stories that resonate with your audiences via our search and filter tools (3)

Alerting: Receive notification of breaking news and story coverage developments (4)

Easy access: Coverage Plan is available to view via AP Newsroom and AP Video Hub on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone