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Awards Season

Your front row seat to all the action

Enhance your coverage with AP's global multimedia entertainment news

We provide access to the world’s biggest stars with exclusive entertainment coverage at this year’s top showbiz events.

Exclusive coverage

Muliformat content

Live from the red carpet

Unrivaled coverage from the world of entertainment

Access global entertainment news of the highest standard with AP’s unrivaled coverage. 

From the glitz and glamour of red carpet arrivals, award shows and after-parties, to an in-depth look at the stars with panels and conventions, press rooms, and portraits of the celebrities – we cover the entire entertainment season.

Your multimedia all access pass

Expect fast and accurate entertainment news across all formats with coverage from global events and award shows, breaking news and celebrity stories


Enhance your entertainment reporting with our 24/7 video coverage straight from the heart of the action. Boost your audience engagement with fast-filed breaking entertainment news and over 6,700 videos per year, on top of live coverage from events around the world. 


Complement any story with fast and comprehensive photo coverage from world-class photographers at the most high-profile events, and curated collections of entertainment photos through the ages. 


Provide your audience with exclusive, accurate and reliable content from Hollywood and beyond with up to 125 entertainment text stories per week covering every angle of the entertainment world. 


Tune in to exclusive live coverage from a variety of red carpet events including awards, premieres, festivals, performances and more. 

Broadcast facilities

Reporter live on the Academy Awards red carpet

Go live from the red carpet with live and location services

Engage your audiences with broadcasts from live positions at all major entertainment events including the Oscars, the Grammys, and more. 

Our live positions cover prime locations on the red carpet with direct access to the stars and  ‘street-lives’ near the venue overseeing all the action.

Save the dates

As the industry gears up for the biggest events of the year, prepare to cover it all from centre-stage. 2019 highlights include:

Golden Globe Awards

Jan 7

Sundance Film Festival

Jan 24 to Feb 3

Grammy Awards

Feb 10

BAFTA Film Awards

Feb 10

Academy Awards

Feb 25

MET Costume Institute Gala

May 6

Tony Awards

June 9

MTV Video Music Awards

Aug 19

Emmy Awards

Sept 22

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