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Case Study

Marijuana Retail Report provides local, credible cannabis coverage

Marijuana Retail Report, or MRR, is a daily online trade publication providing news and information to retailers of marijuana products and accessories. MRR delivers stories covering all aspects of the cannabis industry, from legislation and finance to health and medicine.

The challenge

As a content aggregator for cannabis retailers, MRR doesn’t have a team of in-house journalists to generate original content. Gathering local perspectives from around the country would require additional resources and a network of freelancers, so MRR needed a better solution for curating local, credible content. 


How we helped

MRR turned to The Associated Press for a granular approach to cannabis coverage that other local news sources weren’t producing.  As a leading news organization with a presence in all 50 states and a dedicated cannabis beat team, AP is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality content and distinct coverage of the cannabis industry.


The result

Knowing that we consistently produce stories quickly and accurately, MRR now regularly relies on AP Newsroom to provide content that contributes to their overall output and audience engagement. MRR publishes seven to nine articles daily, with user time spent on their site averaging seven minutes. 

“If you’re a company thinking about getting into the industry and you have any doubts about AP’s content, any doubts we had melted away within the first month. AP is high quality and really helped in getting content to our retailers.”

Nicholas Gaulin | Editor in Chief, Marijuana Retail Report

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