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Are you looking for unique content to add to your prime-time programming? Or maybe trustworthy news for your broadcast? How about shareable photos and videos to engage your digital audience?

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From the latest red carpet photos to impactful global storytelling and shareable videos, AP can help you complete all your projects. The scope of our work — from local lifestyle trends to an archive of machine-readable data — offers a variety of content that appeals to every interest on every platform.

What can AP do for you?

Get the content you need to complete any project


Give audiences access to world-changing moments, people and places. Use our collection of more than 51 million historical, contemporary and creative images to help your audiences connect with your story.


Put your audience at the heart of the action with over 1.7 million video clips from AP and our partners, including exclusive features, as well as raw and fully produced clips. You can also access up to four simultaneous channels of live programming covering major events from around the world.


With reporters on the ground in all 50 states and more than 100 countries, count on us to keep your audience up to date on local issues of interest, or broaden the scope of your coverage with content from around the world.

Graphics and interactives

Round out your story with visualizations from our library of ready-to-use graphics, including 3-D animations, diagrams, charts and more.


From live newscasts and special reports to raw clips and historical soundbites, create a rich, engaging experience. Get timely and accurate reporting to complete your broadcast, podcast or livestream.

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