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Get closer to the action on and off the pitch

Sport fans need more than just the scores. Our sport journalists deliver comprehensive coverage to satisfy even the most passionate fans, from exclusive interviews to in-depth data, for sports across the world.

Our sport coverage

Deliver in-depth coverage of a range of global sports to keep fans on the edge of their seats

Global coverage

Give your audience action from sports around the world, from the Olympics to local cricket games in Pakistan.

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Unrivalled access

Give the inside scoop from dressing rooms and training grounds across the world. Our veteran reporters attend practices and games every day, forming relationships with players, coaches and owners to get the insight fans crave.

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Comprehensive analysis

Share what results really mean with insight from our expert sportswriters and data journalists. We go beyond the scores with comprehensive coverage that puts final results in context.

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Multimedia sport coverage

Enrich your sport broadcasts with multi-format content. With video, photo, text, data and audio, we offer multiple ways to make your sports stories more thrilling and engaging for your audiences.

Multimedia solutions

Fans always want more ...

... you can give it to them with this additional content

Stream the action as it happens

Give viewers a front row seat to breaking news and featured events that get the world talking.

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