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Venezuela Undone

Once among the richest and safest countries in Latin America, Venezuela is now falling apart. With a plunge in the price of oil and years of mismanagement, the economy is unraveling. Food is scarce. Crime is rampant. Hospitals barely work. And people are fighting desperately just to survive from day to day.

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2016 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service: Seafood from slaves

Our investigation revealed severe labor abuses tied to the supply of seafood to American supermarkets and restaurants. The reporting freed 2,000 slaves, brought perpetrators to justice and inspired government reforms.

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Video news insights

The market for video news is changing and consumer demand for video news on all platforms has never been stronger. To understand the role that video plays in the changing news landscape, we commissioned Deloitte to carry out research in Europe, Asia and the Middle East during 2013 and 2014.

Spring Tide

Spring Tide: the new era for video news in the Middle East and North Africa’ is an in-depth study by Deloitte for The Associated Press.

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Lift Off

Lift Off: the new era for video news in Asia’ is an in-depth study by Deloitte for The Associated Press. Fieldwork was carried out by Gfk in 3 key Asian markets: China, Indonesia and Japan. Published: November 14, 2013.

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White Smoke

‘White Smoke: The new era for video news in Europe’ is an in-depth study by Deloitte for The Associated Press.

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