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Go behind the news stories, learn more about media and technology and get perspectives on emerging trends. Scroll down to see the top posts from our blogs, in-depth interactives from our AP Explore series, along with key industry research and commentary.

Authenticity and content marketing

In an era of fake news, building trust between your brand and your audience is more important than ever. Read our e-book and watch our interview on how to tell authentic stories and win audiences’ trust.

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The American president

Presidential hopefuls burn bright, then fade. Poll numbers rise and fall. Presidents pass the torch; administrations change. Through it all, one constant remains: The Associated Press’ coverage of the American president. Browse through more than 20 million licensable film and digital images in one of the most extensive collections of news and documentary images anywhere.

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How to drive engagement with video

From collecting footage to measuring performance, watch our webinar to learn how you can drive traffic and reach your desired audience with online video.

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