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The issues, events and people that shape the political landscape, delivered 24/7

We have set the standard for political reporting for nearly 170 years. Count on us to provide the stories, data and analysis that drive awareness.

Our political coverage

Deliver reliable coverage from the campaign trail to grassroots protests

2018 Midterm election results

We tabulate and predict the outcome of nearly every U.S. state and national primary, general election and referendum. Count on us as the definitive source for 2018 midterm election night results, as well as historical elections data.

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Access and expertise

Our trained political teams consistently utilize the Freedom of Information Act, establish relationships with sources and fight for access that provides exclusive insight and analysis.

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Investigative reporting

We are an aggressive advocate for the importance of transparency and accountability in government through freedom of information. We commit to delivering in-depth, unbiased political coverage that keeps audiences informed.

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Breadth of coverage

From local initiatives to major political unrest around, we deliver multiformat coverage of the government activity that affects audiences. We’ve captured images and footage of the moments that have shaped history for more than a century, all available to you through our archives.

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Hyperlocal presence

We have reporters on the ground in every U.S. statehouse and in more than 100 countries, giving you the advantage of instant access to breaking news coverage of politics in your community and around the world.

AP VoteCast: A new way to survey voters

This November, we're debuting a new election survey aimed at capturing the opinions and preferences of U.S. voters as they choose who to vote for, along with the reasons behind their decision. Learn more about the methodology behind this new approach and what the results can bring to your election coverage. 

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Divided America

Americans are more divided than ever, gridlocked over social issues, race, gender and the economy. In this series, The Associated Press explores what divides us and how deep those divisions run.

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