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Software is only as good as the people behind it

AP has been breaking news for 170 years, so we know the importance of production system that supports the highest journalistic standards in a fast-paced, 24-hour news cycle. We built a system that we’d want to use in our own newsroom, but we also listen and respond to the needs of users to constantly work toward improving.

See the names and faces behind the scenes who are committed to providing personalized support and training 24/7.

Senior leadership team

Brian Hopman

VP, general manager | Washington, D.C.

Andy Wormser

Director support & project management | Washington, D.C.

Jason Smith

Director of customer engagement & escalation | Washington, D.C.

Paddy Payne

Director of international business development | London

Brian Doyle

Director of product management | Washington, D.C.

Hamed Akhgar

Director of technology solutions | Washington, D.C.

David Silverstein

National sales director, North America | Washington, D.C.

Warren Rickart

Business manager | Washington, D.C.

Phil Avner

Director of development | Washington, D.C.

Diane Beddia

Training and support manager | Washington, D.C.

Yuen Ching Chan

Customer solution specialist, Asia | Singapore

Chye Hock Cheng

Solutions consultant | London

Andrew Davis

European sales manager | Prague

Eric Disque

Documentation manager | Washington, D.C.

Eric Finney

National sales executive, North America | Washington, D.C.

Rachel Gabrielsen

Customer success specialist | Sioux Falls

Rob Higdon

Operations manager | Washington, D.C.

Matt Iyer

News production specialist | Washington, D.C.

Keisuke Kayaba

Sales manager, Middle East & Asia | London

Zach Landis

News production specialist | Philadelphia

Esme Martin

Sales support executive | London

Neil Owens

Customer solution specialist | London

Anthony Prangley

Product manager | London

Not pictured

Arcadio Antrez | News production specialist, Washington, D.C.
David Belt | Sales engineer, New York
Ryan Berg | Integration specialist, San Diego
Alberto Esteves | Implementation & technology support specialist, São Paulo
Jose Michael Gonzalez-Conde | News system specialist, London
Anita Hines | Customer success specialist, Washington, D.C.
Trish Kerin | Quality & project manager, London

Azhar Khalaf | News production specialist, Washington, D.C.
Philip Kingsbury | Senior support specialist, London
Natalie Peters | Product manager, London
Antonio Ramalho | Implementation & technology support specialist, London
Warren Rossini | Technology architect & senior manager, London
Abdallah Yousif | Support manager, London

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