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Sony provides customized, future-proof solutions for broadcasters to help them shape, manage and share it in new and innovative ways.

Sony HDXchange

The Sony HDXchange™ system combines shared network storage with easy-to-use applications for system administration, baseband and file-based ingest, content management, proxy browsing, video editing, and exporting material to external servers and archives.

The HDXchange system can interface with a variety of non-linear editors, including Sony Vegas, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Canopus Edius. The system’s open and expandable architecture, ease-of-use, and powerful search and workflow tools makes it ideal for a variety of customers, including conventional broadcasters, government and educational institutions, sports facilities, and video production groups.

The HDXchange system’s optional MOS interface allows it to accept placeholders from ENPS and return material status updates to the newsroom computer system. The HDXchange ActiveX control also allows operators to search for and preview material directly from inside the ENPS application.


SONAPS is a fully integrated workflow-specific system that optimizes the processes in capturing, producing and publishing content. The system handles mixed SD/HD multi-format production of content and is scalable, robust and completely IT-based.

It has superior capabilities when compared to many systems available today and builds on the vast experience of operating in the most demanding workplace, that of news and sport. The Sonaps system allows innovative new processes and operational procedures to be developed to further enhance the business performance of its users.

Supported AP ENPS workflow

Sony supports the following features in ENPS. 

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ActiveX plug-in functionality

Automatic placeholder creation

Buddy fail-over

Ingest placeholder creation

Item status

Media awareness

Media search

Media thumbnails and preview

MOS redirection

NLE placeholder creation

Running order control

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