The American President

Perspectives on access

The Associated Press has set the standard for political reporting for nearly 170 years. We are aggressive advocates of transparency and accountability in government, fighting for critical access to the president and his administration and holding the powerful to account.

Our White House reporting team delivers in-depth, unbiased political coverage to thousands of news organizations around the world.

Here our journalists explain why access to government officials is crucial to covering the White House:

“ … we want to keep really focused on what the main event here is and that is, essentially, the public’s right to know what is going on in the White House … ”

Sally Buzbee

Senior Vice President and Executive Editor

“One of the reasons that we fight for access so much at the White House is that it’s very rare to get access back. ”

Julie Pace

chief White House correspondent

“ … in those days they’d sit down with four or five people that they trusted, sort of go over the days events and just talk as a human … ”

Walter Mears

AP political correspondent (ret); Pulitzer Prize winner