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Event expected:

Oct. 28, 2018


Multiple Locations, Brazil

Expected operational date(s) TBC:

Oct. 28, 2018

Brazil will hold runoff elections on 28 October.

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The upcoming Brazilian general election is the most important in a generation for Latin America’s most populous nation, also home to the region’s largest economy.

The two finalist candidates who will be competing far-right Congressman Jair Bolsonaro and the leftist Fernando Haddad couldn't have more different visions for the future.

Bolsonaro, a former army captain, wants to privatize industries, overhaul the pension system, pull Brazil out of the Paris Climate Accord and respond to increasing crime in part by encouraging police to shoot more. Haddad, a former Sao Paulo mayor and education minister, wants to invest in social works programs, scrap a labor reform law passed last year and continue with progressive policies that form part of the legacy of his Workers' Party.

Facilities available at this event (3)


Rio De Janeiro glass studio

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Single and dual-camera glass-walled studio with live views of Botafogo Beach and Sugarloaf.

Live Position

Copacabana Beach

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Single-camera live stand-up positions on Copacabana Beach.

Live Position

Avenida Paulista

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Single-camera stand-up positions with 'street-live' views of Avenida Paulista.

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