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Sept. 8, 2020


London, UK

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Sept. 8, 2020

The latest round of Brexit trade talks will take place in London on 08 September between the 27-nation European Union and Britain.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain is prepared to walk away and insists a no-deal exit would be a “good outcome for the U.K.” With talks deadlocked, Johnson says an agreement will only be possible if EU negotiators were prepared to “rethink their current positions.” The EU, in turn, accuses Britain of failing to take the negotiations seriously.

Britain is seeking a free-trade pact similar to one the EU negotiated with Canada. The EU wants to ensure both sides have similar rules on a wide range of issues, including workers’ rights, the environment and government subsidies, before discussing such an agreement.

Both sides say September will be a crucial month in the discussions.

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Live Position

UK Parliament

London, UK

Single-camera 'street live' positions on Abingdon Green, opposite the Palace of Westminster.


London Studio

London, UK

Single-camera studio with live views of a number of iconic London skylines, including Westminster Abbey.

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