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Sept. 26, 2021


Berlin, Germany

Operational date(s):

Sept. 26, 2021 to Sept. 27, 2021

German voters head to the polls on Sept. 26 in a landmark general election that will decide who will succeed Angela Merkel as the nation's Chancellor.

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Merkel announced in 2018 that she wouldn't seek a fifth four-year term in office. The contenders to replace her are Armin Laschet for Merkel's center-right Union bloc, Olaf Scholz for the center-left Social Democrats and Annalena Baerbock for the environmentalist Greens.

The race is too close to call, with recent polls suggesting that many voters are unimpressed with the choice they face. Laschet's Union bloc - which long enjoyed a lead - is polling level with or even slightly behind Scholz's long-moribund Social Democrats, with the Greens a few points back.

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Live Position

CDU Headquarters

Berlin, Germany

Single-camera live stand-up positions outside the CDU party headquarters (available Sept. 26 only).

Live Position

Polling Station

Berlin, Germany

Single-camera live stand-up positions at a polling station in central Berlin (available Sept. 26 only).

Live Position


Berlin, Germany

Single-camera live stand-up positions outside the Reichstag Building in Berlin (available on Sept. 27 only).

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