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July 25, 2018


Islamabad, Pakistan

Expected operational date(s) TBC:

July 25, 2018 to July 27, 2018

Polls opened in Pakistan on Wednesday to elect the country’s third straight civilian.

AP is planning to bring you a range of services tailored to your needs in the nation's capital.

Election authorities in Pakistan say an official count confirming Pakistan's next government was expected later in the evening on 26 July, following historic elections.

Pakistan's former cricket star Imran Khan and his party were maintaining a commanding lead amid slow and tedious counting of ballots following a polling day marred by allegations of fraud and militant violence.

Facilities available at this event (2)

Live Position

Polling station

Islamabad, Pakistan

Single-camera 'street live' stand-up position outside a polling station.


Islamabad studio

Islamabad, Pakistan

Single-camera studio with a backdrop of the Pakistan President House.

Additional services

AP is offering a range of additional facilities at this event.

Multiformat playout facilities

Available in all locations.

International delivery via AP's networks

Available in all locations.

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