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If you are looking to broadcast live from Kabul, AP offers a range of broadcast facilities tailored for your news coverage.

Our live position in Kabul, with unparalleled views of the city and the surrounding mountains, provides everything your correspondents need to cover the story.

Facilities available at this location (1)

Live Position

Kabul skyline

Kabul, Afghanistan

Single-camera rooftop position in Kabul with live views the city and the surrounding mountains, including the Abdul Rahman Mosque.

Additional services and standards available at this location


  • International delivery via AP's satellite and fibre networks


  • Non-linear editing software available on request


  • Beta SP
  • Beta SX
  • Digi Beta
  • DV Cam
  • P2


  • SD PAL
  • HD 1080i/50
  • HD 1080i/59.94

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