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Technical Infrastructure and Expert Crew

Tailored transmission solutions

Our 3G/4G transmission with satellite/fiber delivery allows us to respond to client demand with portable solutions that take you to the heart of the story.

Point to point content delivery

Bring stories to your customers with our industry leading content delivery solutions.

AP's satellite network is the world's most extensive, reliable and efficient video distribution system, delivering AP's video files directly to the newsrooms of broadcasters worldwide. We also operate a dedicated, round-the-clock, global satellite transmission network allowing for delivery to virtually any location.

On-the-ground experts to assist you

We combine a wealth of international experience with invaluable local knowledge to give you as much support as you need wherever you are working in the world. We are experts at building tailored facilities to accommodate any broadcast needs. Let us handle your accreditation, workspace and event schedule, so you can stay focused on the story.

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