AP ENPS statement on ENPS version support
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AP ENPS statement on ENPS version support


AP strives to provide the best user experience and support experience in our industry for AP ENPS, AP Playbook and other AP ENPS products. To that end, we are constantly striving to improve both our product and our support.

AP ENPS, AP Playbook and our other products are in constant development. New technologies and new features are added to major version releases. We encourage customers to adopt those new versions and technologies on a regular schedule to allow users and administrators to experience the benefits of the new release.

We know that customers value the stability and innovation that AP ENPS brings to their operations, regardless of the installed version. We do not require any site to upgrade if they are not ready. However, AP’s development plan adds all new features and fixes to our latest software builds. This allows us to focus resources on the newest technology that brings the biggest advantage to our customers.

For all customers with a current support plan, The AP will provide ongoing support. We will always try to answer questions from customers regardless of the version a site is running. However, we are best able to support software released within the last five years (ENPS v7.4.9.7292 or higher). If you’re running an older version and find an issue that has not been reported previously, we will try to replicate that on the current version of our software. As is common in the software industry, if we are unable to do so, we will most likely recommend that you upgrade your software to resolve the issue.

AP requires a Windows Operating System to support both the server and client. As a reminder, customers are required to keep hardware updated and current with the requirements found at ap.org/enps/support. We note in our documentation which Windows versions are supported for a specific ENPS version. The AP will continue support for the AP ENPS and Windows combination if the Windows OS is supported by Microsoft. We will make reasonable efforts to provide help and advice to customers on unsupported Windows versions.

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