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CAMIO Universe from ChyronHego is a template-based asset management solution that provides a unified workflow around news graphics creation, production and playout.

CAMIO Universe

CAMIO is a complete news graphics management solution providing unique control over the look and delivery of newsroom graphics. The CAMIO graphic management architecture enables art departments to build and upload once for assets to be immediately available to all output devices, as well as newsroom clients.

LUCI, CAMIO's Newsroom Client ActiveX®, enables journalists to remotely browse templates; edit text, replaceable images and movie files; preview their graphics and insert them into stories directly from within ENPS. CAMIO manages distribution ensuring that all assets are available for air. Playout is simplified with either the Lyric playlist control or the optional iSQ. The order of graphics for playout is always synchronized with the newsroom computer system running order as it changes with floats and edits.

Supported ENPS workflow

ChyronHego supports the following features in ENPS. 

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ActiveX plug-in functionality

Advanced ActiveX

Media awareness

Media thumbnails and preview video

Running order control

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