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Masstech provides innovative software solutions to help media organizations manage their valuable digital media content and related information throughout its lifecycle. 

MassStore for News

MassStore for NewsTM gives journalists easy access to media in local archives, production servers, and remote archives through native access to search, preview and move operations in their familiar ENPS interface. Its “Video-Follows-Text” feature allows journalists to move media between production and archive by simply dragging-and-dropping an ENPS script, eliminating the need for extra interfaces, passwords, and workflows.

All elements of a story – including video, text and metadata – are always transferred seamlessly as a single package between locations, production servers, archives and even different newsroom systems, saving time, reducing effort and encouraging the re-use of existing content to lower production costs.

MassStore allows journalists to:

  • Automatically archive video linked to stories in ENPS rundowns.
  • Get immediate access to archived videos using ENPS native search.
  • Restore archived video by dragging and dropping its story to a local rundown.
  • Feed stories with linked video to other stations via the Masstech Media Wire.

Supported AP ENPS workflow

Masstech supports the following features in ENPS. 

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ActiveX plug-in

Additional ActiveX plug-in functionality

Advanced ActiveX

Item status

Media search

Media thumbnails and preview video

MOS redirection

Open MOS redirection

Round trip archive

Story send

Wide media awareness

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