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Sony provides customized, future-proof solutions for broadcasters to help them shape, manage and share content in new and innovative ways.

Media Backbone Hive

Media Backbone Hive is a new generation solution for both linear and digital production, built on a future-ready and cloud-native content platform. Designed using internet and cloud technologies, it provides scalability, flexibility and openness for all types of media operations and can be deployed on-premise, off-premise or both.

The core content platform has been enhanced to satisy different customer demands, and rich toolsets are provided to serve all types of production scenarios. The open API allows customers to integrate legacy and third-party systems with Media Backbone Hive to improve operational efficiency.

Sony has supported MOS protocol since the 1990s with NewsBase, Sonaps, HDXchange and others. 


XDCAM air is the flexible bridge between field-based camcorders and your studio infrastructure, orchestrating the seamless exchange of live video, media files and project metadata. Save time, manual effort – and money – to build stories faster and more efficiently than ever before.

XDCAM air sends story information and planning metadata from ENPS straight to Sony’s compatible cameras out in the field.  After shooting, everything is ingested automatically to your Media Asset Management (MAM) system based on the metadata information.  

Sony ELC Control Room Automation

Sony’s ELC-MVS01 (ELC), Enhanced Live Production Control Automation system, advances the state-of-the-art in automated news broadcasting. The ELC Automation system consists of a suite of software, computers, operation terminals and control panels optimized for the specific needs of a live broadcast environment.

By leveraging the program sequence information already contained in the station’s newsroom computer system (NRCS), Sony’s ELC Automation system is able to tightly choreograph the news production by controlling the production switcher, playback servers, electronic graphics, camera robotics, audio console and other devices. The result is increased efficiency and consistency of the broadcast look and feel.

Supported AP ENPS workflow

Sony supports the following features in ENPS. 

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ActiveX plug-in functionality

Automatic placeholder creation

Buddy fail-over

Ingest placeholder creation

Item status

Media awareness

Media search

Media thumbnails and preview

MOS redirection

NLE placeholder creation

Running order control

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