Best of AP — Honorable Mention


Only on AP: Close-ups of migrant clashes at Turkish-Greek border

Ap 20067275571696 Hm Migrants2
Syrian children sleep outside at a bus station in Edirne, near the Turkish-Greek border, March 7, 2020. – AP Photo / Felipe Dana

Mstyslav Chernov, video journalist, Northern Europe, and Felipe Dana, global enterprise visual journalist, captured the conflict unfolding on the Turkish-Greek border in a way that competitors couldn’t match. With gendarmes making it more and more difficult for journalists to get close to the border clashes between Greek riot police and migrants attempting to cross the border from Turkey, the pair had to blend in among migrants to avoid the attention of Turkish police. They carried food and water in plastic bags and hid their cameras inside their clothes, dropping to the ground among migrants to take cover from tear gas fired from the Greek side. Their tactics enabled them to make photos and video – unmatched by other agencies – of the chaos and desperation at the border.

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