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Wrestler goes public with abuse charges; AP gets the interview

Wrestler Hm Combo
Now-deceased Dr. Robert E. Anderson, left, shown in an undated photo provided by the University of Michigan, is accused by former wrestler Andy Hrovat, right, shown during a Feb. 20, 2020 interview in Denver, of inappropriate touching during medical exams in 1998, Hrovat’s freshman year. Hrovat, who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics, is the first athlete to make public accusations against Anderson following sexual abuse complaints from other former students. – Robert Kalmbach / Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan via AP (left); AP Photo / John Leyba

Kantele Franko, reporter, Columbus, Ohio; Larry Lage, sports writer, Detroit; and Thomas Peipert, reporter, Denver, for nimble coordination across three regions to secure an all-formats interview with the first athlete – Olympic wrestler Andy Hrovat – to make public accusations of sexual abuse against now-deceased Dr. Robert Anderson of the University of Michigan.

This beat was part of standout coverage that included the AP being ahead by several hours on a Freedom of Information Act request reported Friday. Among other news, the police reports released revealed university officials were warned more than four decades ago that Anderson was fondling patients during medical exams, but he continued working there despite a demotion, and went on to allegedly abuse again as a physician with the school’s athletic department.

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