Lift Off

The new era for video news in Asia

‘Lift Off: The new era for video news in Asia’ is a new in-depth study by Deloitte for The Associated Press.

Fieldwork was carried out by Gfk in 3 key Asian markets: China, Japan and Indonesia, building on the 'White Smoke' research that focused on the European market, published by AP in April 2013.

These reports set out to understand the role that video plays in the changing news landscape, first in Europe and now Asia. They look at consumer demand for video news content and the implications for broadcasters and online publishers.

Asian consumers are already more likely than Europeans to discover and share news online.

‘Lift Off’ covers three very different markets to understand how digital news outlets can stand out from the crowd and what role video can play in creating an appealing online news experience. Asian consumers are already more likely than Europeans to discover and share news online, and given the rapid take-up of low cost smartphones and tablets across the region, video offers a way of differentiating from the competition and driving engagement.

Matthew Guest, Head of Digital Strategy, Deloitte Europe, discusses the Asian study into video news consumption.

Far from following Europe and the USA, ‘Lift Off’ suggests that Asia can provide clues as to where more mature media markets and other parts of Asia might go next. If video is becoming a key component of any European news provider’s online strategy, in Asia it is even more critical for standing out in a crowded online market.


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AP @ Digital Media Asia 2013

AP discussed the role of video in the content strategy of news organizations and presented new Deloitte research for AP on consumption of video news at the World Association of Newspapers’ Digital Media Asia 2013.

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