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Trust experienced reporters to tell your story

Enhance your broadcast with a network of journalists available worldwide

On-camera reporters are now available to broadcasters in need of an on-site correspondent. Access custom reports at special events or from our worldwide video facilities. Cost-efficient and easy to use, custom live shots bring you live on location at a moment's notice.

Tell your story, with our reporters

Using custom live shots is simple. Book specially-deployed correspondents for big breaking news stories or request access to a bespoke reporter for your story, and instantly have an eyewitness custom live report without the travel costs, time constraints or logistic planning. 

Journalists can report live from AP's studios or event live positions worldwide to expertly comment on the facts using your custom sign-off, bringing you live on-site faster and easier than ever before.

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Captivate your audiences with custom coverage from North, South and Central America

Dedicated custom live shot reporters

Enhance your regional coverage from big breaking news stories across the Americas, with AP's new multilingual custom live shots reporter. 

Offering lives in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Luxembourgish, you can now cover the big stories of the region in your local language, at short notice and for a fraction of the cost.

Broadcast live worldwide

Take advantage of custom live shots at a range of studios and live positions, located all over the world.

With global facilities including self-owned permanent positions in over 30 cities, a host of partner facilities and special events services, the custom report you need is available from wherever the story breaks. 

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