Beirut Protests
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Oct. 18, 2023


Beirut, Lebanon

Operational date(s):

Oct. 18, 2023

Hundreds of angry protesters are clashing with Lebanese security forces on Oct. 18 the United States Embassy.

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Tear gas was fired by riot police during the demonstration which is in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, near the U.S. embassy in Aukar, a northern suburb of Beirut.

Arab protesters have gathered in several countries to condemn the killing of hundreds at a Gaza hospital last night, what they saw as an Israeli atrocity. It showed how the fighting in Gaza is spreading anger across the region, alarming U.S. allies and threatening wider unrest.

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Beirut, Lebanon

AP reporter available for custom live reports and interviews in English, French and Arabic from Beirut.


Beirut studio

Beirut, Lebanon

Dual-camera indoor studio with a live view of the Grand Serail.

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