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May 5, 2022 to May 6, 2022


London, UK

Operational date(s):

May 5, 2022 to May 6, 2022

Local elections are held in all four nations of the United Kingdom on May 5.

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The ruling Conservatives fear a backlash from voters amid soaring food and energy prices driven by the war in Ukraine, Brexit and the disruption from the coronavirus pandemic.

A bad result for the governing party could lead the Conservatives to try to replace Boris Johnson, whose reputation has been tarnished after months of turmoil in which he became the first prime minister to be sanctioned for breaking the law in office in the so-called 'partygate' scandal.

Also being closely watched are results in Northern Ireland which are set to impact the power-sharing executive created by agreements that ended decades of sectarian conflict in the region.

Facilities available at this event (3)

Live Position

Downing Street

London, UK

Single-camera 'street live' stand-up position with live views of Downing Street, the British Prime Minister’s residence.


AP London Studio

London, UK

Single- and multi-camera studios with a variety of backdrop options, including green screen, cyclorama or light boxes.


London Studio

London, UK

Single-camera studio with live views of a number of iconic London skylines, including Westminster Abbey.

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