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Examples of this year’s entertainment coverage include:


Golden Globes (Jan. 10)
Milan Men’s Fashion Week (Jan. 13 – 17)
Paris fashion week (Jan. 17 – 26)
Sundance film festival (Jan. 20 – 30)
Academy Awards nominations (Jan. 24)


Grammy awards (Feb. 5)
New York Fashion Week (Feb. 9-15)
Super Bowl (Feb. 12)
Berlin film festival (Feb. 16 -26)
BAFTA film awards (Feb. 19)
Screen Actors Guild awards (Feb. 26)


Middle East Film and Comic Con (Mar. 3 – 5)
Academy Awards (Oscars) (Mar. 12)


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Apr. 14 – 16 and 21 - 23)


Met Gala (May 1)
Academy Of Country Music Awards (May 11)
Eurovision Song Contest Final (May 13)
Cannes Film Festival (May 16 - 27)
International Indian Film Academy and Awards (May 26 – 27)


Tribeca Film Festival (June 7 – 18)
Paris Men’s Fashion Week (June 20 - 25)
Glastonbury Festival (June 21 – 25)

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The AP Top 25 Movies ranking is an honor roll of films from 2022, as determined by a panel of over two dozen expert film writers, reporters and critics from AP-affiliated news outlets around the country. 

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