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As the leading global news provider, we understand the value of the right tools to keep things running smoothly, efficiently and at the highest standards. Our forward-planning event calendar and style guide are standbys relied upon by professionals around the world.

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AP Planner

AP Planner contains hundreds of thousands of future events spread across diverse categories, including political schedules, financial and economic announcements, trade and consumer conferences, award ceremonies, holidays and more.

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AP Stylebook

You’ll always be in style with The Associated Press Stylebook — the definitive resource for writers. Choose the version that’s right for you, whether online, in print or even an extension for word processors and internet browsers.

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AP Daybooks

Uncover the latest and greatest events coming out of each state across the nation. AP’s detailed daybooks provide you with a look at major events and top stories throughout the U.S. Our 2024 Election Daybook gives you everything you need to know from candidate schedules and appearances, to fundraising and voter registration deadlines.

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Metadata tagging

Apply our news taxonomy to your content to receive valuable metadata for tracking, analysis and automated workflows that help you collaborate internationally and engage your audiences.

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