Discover how AP’s election services are specifically designed for easy user access and to seamlessly integrate into all of your production tools and digital platforms.


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AP’s versatile delivery platforms allow your teams to access and use our election services and news coverage in the ways that works best for your needs. Our data and content is available via online portal and API, and both are designed for easy customization so that you can work with our content your way.

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AP Newsroom

AP Newsroom is the go-to hub for journalists seeking a comprehensive suite of newsgathering and reporting tools. It offers an extensive array of content including videos, photos, text, and data. You can easily curate and publish content across various platforms, ensuring audiences are informed with accurate, timely, and engaging news stories.

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AP provides direct delivery of election data and news coverage to your CMS and digital platforms via our robust suite of APIs. Our media and election APIs allow fast, safe and secure access to our full range of products – from live video to election results to text, photo and produced video.

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AP’s delivery platforms come with a wealth of support. Our customer integration team will get you started, our rich documentation will allow your developers to build quickly and efficiently, and our election experts are available around the clock to ensure you always have what you need to tell the story of American elections.

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