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Tokyo Olympics Athletics

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AP’s expert journalists will provide text, photo, video and graphics reporting of the breaking news events and unfolding sporting action for your channels and platforms.


Interactive graphics

Connect your digital audience with the latest from Paris with AP’s interactive graphics, including a real-time medal tracker sortable by medals and countries and available in multiple languages; an events schedule sortable by sport, date and able to filter down to only medal events; and a Hometown Heroes interactive map displaying all the local connections of each member of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympics Teams.



Receive breaking news stories and live video coverage, including IOC briefings, press conferences and beauty shots from around the city. AP video crews stationed in Paris will react to the news of the day, while also providing insights from established sports experts.

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SNTV Video

SNTV’s coverage will include venue profiles, interviews with athletes in their native tongue, training shots, team arrivals and departures, fan reactions and press conferences, as well as the quirkier side of The Games. Besides unrivaled news coverage, SNTV will provide event highlights twice a day, featuring the latest news and updates from The Games.

APTOPIX Tokyo Olympics Athletics


AP’s award-winning photographers will provide highlights and images of medal winners from every sport, as well as in-depth coverage of key events including the opening and closing ceremonies. Pre-event coverage will include key venues and showcases of iconic images from previous games.

APTOPIX Tokyo Olympics Athletics

Historical footage and imagery

Access compelling images dating back to the first modern games in Athens in 1896 and the 1924 Paris Games.

Enhance your reporting with British Movietone newsreels from 1908 to 1976, including some of the most iconic video from the historic 1936 Berlin games.

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Paris Olympics / Stade de France


AP’s text journalists will provide rolling coverage, consisting of frequent updates featuring the latest medals winners and expanding to longer articles as the action unfolds. Results data and medal count standings will be provided after each event.

APTOPIX Tokyo Olympics Athletics
APTOPIX Tokyo Olympics Athletics
APTOPIX Tokyo Olympics Athletics
APTOPIX Tokyo Olympics Athletics
APTOPIX Tokyo Olympics Athletics
Paris Olympics / Stade de France

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