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U.S. Elections


A comprehensive news report

AP’s all-formats news report has the content you need to tell the story of Election Day, on every platform and for every audience. With our live and produced video, your audience can watch the story unfold. Via our interactive graphics, they can follow the results as they arrive in real time. Our photography captures the moments they’ll remember and our text stories explain those moments in detail. With AP’s election services, you’ll also get the data required to make your platforms and publications the best possible source of election news in your market and for your audience.



AP elections data is the race results that tells your audience who is winning and who has won, and the survey research that explains the reasons why. There’s nothing more essential to telling the Election Day story than our fast, accurate and trusted election data.

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AP’s election service includes customizable tables, maps and explanatory graphics in multiple languages for every race we tabulate. They’re ready made for seamless embedding into your digital platforms to deliver a captivating visual experience for your audience.

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Election 2020 Global


Our dedicated team of experienced political journalists keep you and your audience informed about what’s happening in races from the White House to the statehouse.



AP’s award-winning photographers capture the big campaign headlines, the little political details and everything in-between. It’s always evocative imagery that brings U.S. elections to life by illustrating the scenes and the moments that define the democratic process.

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Tailored to the needs of broadcasters and digital publishers, our live and produced video coverage of the cycle is designed to maximize audience engagement. From campaign events to in-depth analysis from our subject matter experts, it’s video that tells the full story of the American democracy.

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