Experience video coverage from campaign trails to election night. This is democracy’s front-row seat.


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Capturing democracy in motion: election videos for every platform

Harness the power of visual storytelling with our video offerings. We digitally deliver dynamic video content which caters to broadcasters, digital publishers, filmmakers, and content specialists. Our video platforms offer flexible solutions, ensuring you have access to the delivery options that best suit your needs.

We have live and on-demand coverage in a variety of formats, capturing the essence of each election, from breaking news to in-depth analysis. Our story-centric delivery platform, curated by our editors, allows for easy search, preview, and download of the latest AP content, including planned and breaking news event coverage. Whether it’s for broadcast, online platforms, or social media sharing, our video content is designed to enhance your elections coverage, offering insights and stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.


AP Live video

Experience the immediacy of live news with AP’s extensive video coverage. With hours of live video across six channels, AP offers unparalleled access to breaking and scheduled news, covering every aspect of the election. As pioneers in news, AP serves as a primary source for broadcasters and digital publishers around the world. With journalists in nearly 250 locations, AP’s live video ensures comprehensive, multi-camera coverage, allowing audiences to replay recent events anytime.

AP Live Choice

Unlock AP Live Choice, your gateway to hundreds of unique stories per month across six simultaneous channels. Tailored for those who demand diversity and depth in their coverage, from breaking news to events coverage, AP Live Choice offers you the ability to curate your audience’s viewing experience with unmatched flexibility and variety. Get ready to transform how you share election stories.


AP Direct

Our 24/7 live video service offers coverage of breaking and scheduled news through a curated HD stream, connecting you to the heart of the action in elections. Leveraging HD SDI via an IP-connected decoder or SRT streaming ensures that broadcasters and digital customers receive top-tier, real-time content. With the capability to cover over 20 diverse stories daily and interactive tools for seamless communication and updates, AP Direct is your gateway to the nation’s unfolding events, anytime, anywhere.


AP Election Multiview

Enhance your election night coverage with AP Multiview. Access twelve uninterrupted live feeds from key locations using simple cloud-based switching.

Enjoy unrestricted access and multipurpose functionality for screens or broadcasts, along with real-time updates from AP’s elections results map.

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