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We’ve captured the moments that have shaped history across every topic — from 1846 to today

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From news and politics to sports and entertainment, enrich your stories with video, photo, audio and text from our archive



Discover our collection of over 2 million global news and entertainment video stories dating back to 1895. Our archive features rare and previously unseen footage in high definition, including the entire collection from British Movietone.

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We’ve been capturing history’s most iconic images for more than 100 years. Explore historical photos across all genres, captured by our Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers.

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Seafood From Slaves Myanmar


Our digital text collections on topics including news, politics, sports and entertainment are perfect for researching the causes and effects of various events over the years. Find whole stories or excerpts that provided the first look into breaking news from around the globe.

London War Preparations


Search more than 2 million actualities, correspondent reports, reporter Q&As and natural sounds to give listeners the sounds of history.

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SULLIVAN BEATLES STARR HARRISON Seafood From Slaves Myanmar London War Preparations

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