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Our collection of news videos dating back to 1895, sourced from AP’s own coverage and our premium content partners

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    2 million stories covering over 100 years of news, entertainment, lifestyle, politics and sports

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    AP Archive’s collection includes fully digitized compilations in broadcast quality and HD

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    Hours of new footage is added daily from AP’s global newsgathering network


Historical and contemporary film and video from the world’s largest and oldest news agency. Start your search now on AP Newsroom (formerly AP Archive).


Extensive footage

We have footage on topics ranging from hard news, politics, and natural disasters to entertainment, red-carpet arrivals, and lifestyle. This includes footage that’s exclusive to AP with our restoration projects ensuring you have access to rare and previously unseen video.

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Prince Charles,Princess Diana

Iconic collections

Our collection includes British Movietone’s newsreel — arguably the world’s greatest newsreel archive. British Movietone was the first newsreel to feature sound, the first to use color film, and the first to break many of the big news stories that shaped our history. Spanning 1895 — 1986, the collection includes over 2,200 hours of fully-digitized footage and is rich in coverage of news events, celebrities, sports, music, social history, science and lifestyle.


Current news and events

In addition to historic news stories, we also cover recent news and current events. Up to five hours of recently filmed footage is added daily from AP’s global newsgathering network giving you access to ongoing news stories from around the world.

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Prince Charles,Princess Diana
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We partnered with some of the leading broadcasters, news agencies and UGC specialists to bring you the widest selection of content possible.

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