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AP’s election services provide publishers with everything they need to cover U.S. elections – from our comprehensive news report to election results data to election survey research. It’s an indispensable product for publishers seeking to engage their audiences with accurate, unbiased and authoritative storytelling about the American democracy and electorate.

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Cause-Based Organizations

We assist organizations by providing elections results data and survey research that allows insight to become action. It’s data that can help you develop and tailor strategies,  engage effectively with policymakers and advocate with the power of facts.

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Financial Services

AP’s election services empower financial institutions of all sizes to react to the outcomes of U.S. elections in real-time via our election results data and survey research. It’s data that allows traders to make informed decisions, anticipate market movements and align strategy with the decisions of American voters.

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AP supplies technology firms with the tools needed to provide their audiences with timely and reliable information about U.S elections. Our trusted and dependable data helps foster trust and credibility among users, while assisting anyone seeking to help an audience navigating the complexities of the election cycle.

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