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Elevate your coverage of the U.S. elections with AP’s election services, the premier choice for publishers seeking accurate, unbiased information and insight about the American democracy. Our reporting in all media formats ensures your audience is informed and engaged with the latest news about what’s taking place on the campaign trail and who is winning – and losing – once polls close.

Put simply, AP’s election services are what publishers need to make the most of Election Day.

  • Customizable graphics for the full ballot

    AP’s elections data powers a full suite of tables, maps and explanatory graphics that tell the Election Day story with the power of data visualization. Available in multiple languages, our interactive graphics – available for every election we tabulate – are ready to be placed directly onto your digital platforms with the cut-and-paste of a single embed code.

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  • Rich collection of text

    AP’s text report is a collection of breaking news, rich enterprise and in-depth analysis about politics and campaigns that you can rely on. Our team of experienced political, investigative and explanatory journalists deliver an unbiased news report from Washington and every state that your audience can trust.

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  • Award-winning photography

    AP’s photographers have their eye – and their lens – watching for every critical campaign and election night moment. It’s imagery that brings the democratic process to life and provides your audience with a front-row seat to history in the making.

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  • Live & Produced Video

    From live coverage from campaign events to in-depth analysis with our experts, our live and produced video coverage of U.S. elections is tailored to perform across platforms — from broadcast to OTT to digital. Our Live & Location Services provide easy access to the infrastructure required to broadcast from the most essential Election Day locations.

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  • Fast, accurate information

    AP’s top priority is delivering accurate election results. Our vote tabulation team employs rigorous quality assurance protocols, both before and after polls close, to ensure our vote count is right. We declare a winner when we are certain the trailing candidate can’t catch the leader and have a proven history of accuracy in race calls that you can trust.

  • A trusted partner at your side

    AP’s election services include access to our subject matter experts and technical support teams. We’re available around-the-clock via several communication channels, so you’re never far away from an answer to your question.

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Local TV stations & network affiliates

We provide real-time alerts, programmed coverage schedules, live feeds from campaign events and voting locations, onsite services and crews, customizable graphics and more, available through digital delivery.


National print media

We provide a full suite of content to enhance coverage including video, photos, text, customizable graphics and more.

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