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We help technology companies make the most of election season by using innovative tooling to deliver secure and timely information, enhanced by our suite of content in varied formats.

Regardless of your platform, integrate the accurate data and reporting that your audience deserves, combined with 24/7 support.


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Our subscribers gain access to the same data we use to declare winners. We provide fact-based information trusted by journalists, academics, and professionals alike.

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Customizable graphics for the full ballot

Expand audience engagement with AP’s election graphics suite. Our data is used to build customizable graphics, available in multiple languages, which you can embed directly into your platforms for a captivating visual experience.


Fast, accurate information

AP delivers outcomes, not projections. We have developed a thorough methodology that allows us to provide verified results to multiple delivery channels, including our secure self-service platform or direct API feeds.


A trusted partner at your side

AP gives clients direct access to our subject matter and technical experts, 24/7. Multiple channels of communication are available to receive a quick response to any technical or data query.

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