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The Associated Press provides factual, accurate, nonpartisan news coverage of regional, national and world news, as well as sports and entertainment coverage. Bring our comprehensive multimedia offering to your campus.

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From major global news to trending stories, choose the multimedia content that works for your newspaper, broadcast or website


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Get breaking world, national and state news across all categories — sport, business, entertainment, politics — in every format. From coverage of the Top 25 college teams and major professional sports to the latest entertainment and celebrity news, you’ll find the text, video and photos you need to tell compelling stories to your audience.


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Leverage AP content to expand your audience and attract local advertisers in a competitive market. These industry-leading microsites include widgets to place on your campus media website, driving readers to curated pages where every click earns your school a portion of the revenue from the AP-sold advertising.


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When you have AP service at your school, you’ll have access to the same content and tools as professional journalists, including AP’s planning tool, AP Planner, which you can use to build a comprehensive editorial calendar.


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Join AP’s college marketplace to share your school’s stories with other schools across the country and access additional student-created content at no extra cost.

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