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Connect with your audience and manage content through rich semantic metadata

Maximize the value of your news content by applying rich semantic data through our automated tagging and taxonomy services. This set of APIs gives you direct access to the same metadata system that supports our own award-winning global news service.

Taxonomy and tagging services

A two-part classification system designed for today’s publishers

AP News Taxonomy

Integrating our news taxonomy into your publishing system gives you a comprehensive set of regularly updated, controlled vocabularies — with more than 200,000 terms and growing — for a wide range of subjects and entities, including breaking news events, geographic locations, organizations, people and companies.

Make use of the rich properties in our taxonomy data, as well as the relationships and links between concepts, to help your readers stay on-site longer by surfacing related news and creating a seamless experience across content from different sources.


AP Tagging Service

Go beyond mere text extraction with our tagging service, which uses human-created semantic rules that apply the most pertinent concepts and topics from our news taxonomy to your content.

Your English-language content is submitted via a RESTful API, and the system returns all relevant metadata tags enriched with the additional properties and relationships stored in the AP News Taxonomy, such as tickers for companies, team associations for athletes and geographic coordinates for place names.


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Visit our developer site to learn more and see samples in all the available formats


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