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AP’s Vote Count and AP VoteCast are a comprehensive and indispensable tools for anyone seeking to tell the story of Election Day and understand what’s happening in U.S. Elections. These tools are an unparalleled suite of data, graphics and research that will help you engage with your audience and provide insight into the American democracy.

Instead of relying on crowd sourcing or technology short cuts, AP starts the work of counting the vote with a network of local reporters who have first-hand knowledge of their territories and trusted relationships with county clerks and other local officials.

These reporters collect vote results at the source: voting precincts and county election offices. We match those results to data posted on county and state websites and provided via electronic data feeds, conducting an intense series of checks and verifications to ensure the numbers we publish are unfailingly accurate.

Real-Time Results

AP’s Vote Count delivers election results with unmatched speed and accuracy, ensuring users have the most up-to-date information on election night.

Comprehensive Coverage

AP counts the vote in national, state and local elections and surveys the electorate in every state, providing complete coverage you can trust.

Innovative Insights

AP VoteCast is election research that tells the story of why the winners won, using a modern methodology designed for how America votes today – in advance and on Election Day.

Trusted Source

AP today remains the most trusted source of fast, accurate, unbiased news in all formats and the essential provider of the technology and services vital to the news business.

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