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Flexible text solutions that you can use

AP’s text-based reporting is your go-to source for dynamic, engaging text content across state, local, and national levels. With journalists in every state capital and a vast team of political reporters permanently based in key states around the country, AP covers the breaking news around the clock. Delivered directly to your newsroom via API, or searchable via AP Newsroom, this service includes advisories to help editors strategize coverage from breaking news to planned stories, catering to a global audience.

AP’s text services deliver coverage in English, focusing on the day’s top regional and national election stories. With constant updates, breaking news alerts, and detailed summaries, this premium wire service appeals to a broad audience. This service ensures that your readers are always informed with the most accurate and timely information available.

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Plan your day with “The Daily Rundown”

Get daily updates on AP’s Election 2024 coverage, including live feeds, in-depth articles, past highlights, and candidate schedules.


Around-the-clock updates

Stay ahead with breaking news alerts and summaries that keep you updated before, during and after events happen.


Comprehensive text coverage

Seamless access to reporting from local journalists who understand the context and impact of their stories.


Dive deeper into election and politics reporting

Expert analysis and coverage of the latest political movements and their impact.


A stream of daily stories: your ultimate source for fast news

We deliver dynamic, engaging text content that can be curated in conjunction with your own reporting or our photography, videos, and graphics.

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