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Gain access to key political events with our specialized location services.

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U.S. Elections


Elevate your election reporting

Leverage AP’s Live & Location services for unmatched coverage of pivotal events. Our tailored solutions, backed by the latest technology and expert teams, ensure on-site coverage of every significant moment. From on-the-ground reporting in strategic locations to sophisticated multi-camera setups and livestreaming across platforms, AP’s extensive network of studios and global facilities offers the support you need. Trust AP to enhance your election coverage.

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Key locations

We maintain a full-time live position on the White House lawn, alongside a full-time presence on Capitol Hill, streamlining access for our clients to high-profile locations.


Wide-reaching coverage

Our services include facilitating entry and providing support for events like the Democratic and Republican national conventions, campaigns, and political events—venues where foreign broadcasters often face access challenges due to domestic priority.


Working with your team

We collaborate with our clients’ assignment desks and reporters to thoroughly understand and meet their specific needs, ensuring seamless and effective coverage.

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